About Us

Whistler Asset Management is an independent registered investment advisory firm offering asset management to individuals and institutions. The firm specializes in active investment management.

Whistler Asset Management was founded in the belief that investors should have access to a level of investment expertise and market analysis above that of traditional, passive investment strategies. Utilizing quantitative indicators across asset classes, the firm has the ability to adapt client assets to changing market and economic conditions in order to maximize opportunity and limit risk.

Whistler Asset Management’s active investment management employs a tactical long term investment strategy. This unique approach blends quantitative indicators used in conjunction with fundamental analysis to isolate investments which are positioned for growth. Tactical long term investing allows for a long term view while still keeping in mind the powerful effects of market changing macroeconomic factors.

As an independent registered investment advisor, Whistler Asset Management is legally obligated to act in the client’s best interest. The firm does not rely on mutual fund investing.  Mutual funds charge fees in addition to the fees charged by the investment advisor.  This extra layer of fees is a drag on performance, and creates a conflict of interest when the mutual fund pays the adviser to invest client assets in the mutual fund.  The firm is solely compensated by charging a percentage of assets under management and does not charge additional fees for consultations or spending extra time with clients.

Investment Process

Whistler Asset Management Investment Process The active investment process involves monitoring economic conditions and deciphering which investments provide the best opportunity for return given the current economic environment. Positions are reduced or exited when risk thresholds are crossed or the economic view no longer supports the investment. Consistently monitor current global macroeconomic conditions. Determine which […]

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Bio of Richard F. Dole, CFA Richard began his career as a trader executing orders in global futures, options and currency markets on behalf of institutional clients. He further pursued his passion for finance by becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  Richard became a portfolio manager and worked on portfolio construction, asset allocation and quantitative […]

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