Whistler Asset Management

  • Consistently monitors your investments. As the economic environment changes, your investments will be proactively adjusted in an attempt to provide the best possible return throughout the economic cycle.
  • Is not confined to one specific sector, market cap, or investment style. This allows the portfolio to shift to asset classes which are likely to provide the best returns across all economic environments. Exposure will primarily be in stocks, but may include bonds, currencies, and commodities.
  • Consistently measures and monitors risk. Risk, as measured by volatility, is updated and calculated daily. If risk thresholds are crossed, positions are reduced or exited . Risk management is also incorporated into individual position size.
  • Does not rely on mutual fund investing. Mutual funds charge fees in addition to the fees charged by the investment adviser. This extra layer of fees is a drag on performance, and creates a conflict of interest when the mutual fund pays the adviser to invest client assets in the mutual fund.
  • Provides 24 hour account access. Whistler Asset Management does not take title of your assets, which are held by an independent custodian to ensure their safety. Clients receive monthly statements directly from the custodian.
  • Provides direct and ongoing communication with the portfolio manager.