Townsville flood police cling to tree trapped in floodwaters

Townsville flood police cling to tree trapped in floodwaters.


In one part of the town of Townsv마사지 오일ille flood police and local volunteers have been trapped for hundreds of metres after a river levelled their road and then forced them into a tree trunk.

It is believed about 1,500 people were without power in the flooded streets.

The road was also completely flooded for several days, with water rising around the trees, in conditions that have left dozens of roads flooded.

“We have people stuck in their car doors, their houses, their cars and the roads, the water is rising all around them,” Townsville Police Commissioner Peter McAllister said.

A few people were able to get out safely after emergency workers evacuated some areas on Friday.

One resident of the suburb of Cairns said the floodwater was so high that it pushed her into the street.

“The water was pushing me against the car,” she said.

“The water is rushing up the car door and all around my house. The water was coming down the window, out the front door and all down the back door.”

Another woman from a nearby community who did not want to be identified said she had fallen into a ditch near her property to rescue a relative.

“It was a large group of kids who were trying to reach people on the road down and couldn’t get out,” she said.

The water had pushed her 10 metres away from her home in the town.

‘We can’t even get our kids home’

Some of those stuck in Townsville flooded homes, cars and vehicles.

The roads are so flooded that locals have not been able to get onto the road to evacuate residents, who have been trapped at flood stages.

Some houses have collapsed after being washed off their foundations during heavy rain, with some streets flooded even more.

One man said he and his family had been stuck on their roofs for more than 20 hours.

“We are unable to leave because it is so full. When we were standing on our roof on Thursday night we couldn’t even get a candle to light the fire because it was totally saturated,” he said.

“For the last three days we have no fir솔레어 카지노e, it’s all been flo제주출장마사지 제주출장샵oded. It’s a nightmare, we can’t even get our kids home. It’s just not safe.”

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