Firefighters contain eyre peninsula blaze

Firefighters contain eyre peninsula blaze. (Cody Duty/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A pair of firefighters battling a blaze in southern Las Vegas was killed Thursday when their helicopter crashed while trying to save골드 카지노 their colleague who was being struck by a hail of hailstones.

“I was surprised by how quickly this happened,” said firefighter Thomas T. Cate, 33. “It felt like something from God’s hand … to lose someone that close.”

In the early afternoon, firefighters were responding to a report of a fire at the east end of the hotel-casino complex on Tropicana Boulevard, which has a rooftop view of the skyline. As the helicopter was parked about 100 feet from the site, it rolled in front of the fire and had its nose lifted.

“It looked as if it was going to stop at any second,” said Steve Jones, who was at work when the accident happened. “The helic공주출장안마opter went full-speed and hit the roof of the building, went through the roof and bounced off the roof,” he said.

At first it seemed a breeze was blowing and then the fire spread, firefighters said. When it came to taking over to fight, “the team came together and got it out pretty quick,” Cate said.

The fire chief said about six hours after the crash there was an explosion, which sent a wall of fire through the roof.

Witnesses said the helicopter crashed through a wall on the second floor and began spinning up, then spun in to a landing. A second person was on a ladder, which was raised, to try to save the man, Cate said. The helicopter landed in the area.

“When we jumped onto the roof, we were not sure what to expect, that was the kind of thing that happened to us all the time,” Cate said. “But we went to the roof, took the fire away from all the windows and we were able to get out of the building quickly and with some minor injuries. My best friend in this is here.”

Fire Chief Dave Pramas said the pilot could not remember what happened.
“I don’t think he could have known what he hit,” Pramas said. “He was under that roof.”

He said all four people inside the helicopter, all on their knees and bleeding and badly burned, were taken to nearby area hospitals. They were in critical condition and could have died from exposure or burn or smoke inhalation.

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